What Happens If A Dog Eats Chocolate
You've probably Heard That Chocolate Is Bad For Your Dog - Well It's True!
My daughter fed her Golden Lab an M&M. I thought nothing of it, but then someone at the PTA told me that I could have let her die by not taking her to the vet. Is this just a joke? Is chocolate bad for dogs?

It sometimes seems a little silly doesn’t it? We humans indulge in chocolate all of the time. We have chocolate bars, chocolate fountains, chocolate fondues, and much more.

But the truth is, chocolate is absolutely poison for dogs. All dogs. All sizes and shapes.

While most of the time the poisoning isn’t fatal, there is still have significant chance that your dog can be in serious trouble depending on how much he ate.

So, let’s discuss what happens if a dog eats chocolate.
What Is Special About Chocolate?
So, we all think chocolate is awesome, right? That’s possibly because of a couple of compounds found in it: Theobromine and Caffeine.

They are both vasodilators. This means that they widen your blood vessels, stimulate your heart to beat faster, they are both diuretics (they make you pee more), and generally stimulate the nervous system.

This means that when we humans eat chocolate, we feel pumped up. Chocolate makes us feel good.

You and I have natural methods of processing both of these compounds. However, Fido’s natural processes do not work near as quickly as ours do to remove these compounds from his blood stream. Instead, these compounds ravage your dog’s natural regulatory systems. They just sit there in the blood, acting on the organs for far longer than is healthy.

If your dog has eaten enough to become ill, your dog will begin to show symptoms within 6-12 hours of consuming the chocolate. If you are looking for specific symptoms of what happens if your dog eats chocolate, please read our article here.

Primarily though, the Theobromine will begin to interfere with your dog’s heartbeat, potentially causing irregularities in his heart rate. In other words, the chocolate can cause your dog’s heart to go haywire. Depending on the amounts consumed, your dog may lose control of his limbs, suffer a seizure, and even fall into a coma. At the most extreme levels (which may not take all that much chocolate), your dog can even die.
Despite Being A Problem For Them, Dogs Love The Sweet Taste Of Chocolate
At The Vet 
Once you get your dog to the vet, they will determine what their next steps will be. If your dog has eaten more chocolate than your vet determines acceptable, she will likely begin to administer treatment.

Vets will usually start with fluids and an IV of apomorphine to induce vomiting. Additionally, they may pump his stomach, and administer activated charcoal to try to leach out the poisons from the chocolate in your dogs stomach and prevent it from getting into the blood stream.

Vets are quite accustomed to saving dogs from chocolate poisoning. They are quite familiar with what happens if a dog eats chocolate. This is one of the most common non-illness related vet visits that dogs encounter. 

So you see, the answer to “Is chocolate bad for dogs” is a resounding "Yes!" Chocolate consumption by dogs is quite serious, and should be acted upon seriously from now on. Even in small doses there can be large effects.

If you would like to know just how much chocolate is considered dangerous for your dog, please check out our article on “Can Dogs Die From Eating Chocolate”
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