Should I Vaccinate My Dog For Leptospirosis?
If Your Dog Is Exposing Herself To The Risk Of Leptospirosis, You Need To Discuss With Your Vet The Possibility Of The Vaccine
My vet told me that my dog has Leptospirosis. Apparently, there was a vaccination that I could have gotten from her to avoid this. Is there a way to avoid this situation in the future, because now I’m looking at some pretty steep vet bills?

We’re sorry that your puppy got sick. Let’s see if we can’t answer your question so that this doesn’t happen again in the future.
How To Prevent Leptospirosis
So, there are vaccinations available for dogs that are at risk of contracting Leptospirosis. You should discuss with your veterinarian whether the vaccine is a good idea in your case though.

As we discuss in our article on “What is Leptospirosis in Dogs,” Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that is transmitted through infected water. This means that if you live in an area that has a lot of standing water, or is particularly rainy, you should consider getting your dog the vaccine.

Additionally, you can take precautions to avoid putting your pup in the position to get sick in the first place. Particularly, if you live in an area of the world that has a high risk for Letospirosis, whether that is rainy, muddy, wet, marshy, swampy, or otherwise is known to have a high risk of animals contracting this disease, you can simply keep closer tabs on your pet.

When you let your dog outside, don’t just chain him up to what what he pleases. If there is a puddle of infected water nearby, all he has to do is roll around in it or drink it in order to get sick.

Also, consider whether you should get your dog vaccinated prior to taking a trip. If you are going to be going somewhere that there is a high risk of infection, then it may be a good idea to get the vaccine.

Again, this is a discussion that you need to have with your vet.
The Higher The Risk Of Infection Based On Lifestyle, The More Likely The Vaccine Will Be Required.
The Leptospirosis Vaccine
So, what is Leptospirosis vaccine? Just like any other vaccine, the Leptospirosis vaccine takes either dead or damaged strains of the Leptospirosa bacterium and injects it into your dog.

Your dog’s natural immune system will then create antibodies that it will use in the future should she ever become infected again with that bacteria.

At the moment, Leptospirosis vaccines prevent infection for around 12 months. This means that your dog will need to be vaccinated once a year if they are at risk of infection.

However, do bear in mind the fact that Leptospirosis is not caused by any one strain of bacteria. Because of this, no vaccine is 100% effective.

Really, the only person who would know best whether your pooch should get the Leptospirosis vaccine is your dog's vet. If this is a real concern for you, then you should make an appointment soon to discuss it.
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