Is White Chocolate Bad For Dogs
You've probably Heard That Chocolate Is Bad For Your Dog - Well It's True!
Okay, so I know that dark chocolate is bad for dogs. But white chocolate isn’t. Right? I mean, it’s the dark chocolate that is really bad for them, so white chocolate doesn’t have the bad stuff in it? Can dogs have white chocolate?

To answer this question, we like to discuss what would happen if you ate rat poison. Imagine you sat down and had a big bowl of rat poison. Think of that bowl like cocoa powder for your dog. It is highly poisonous, and will cause extreme damage.

Now, consider a smaller amount of rat poison, maybe a thimble full. We’ll compare that to milk chocolate.

Okay, now think of white chocolate like just a sprinkle of rat poison. Sure, if you took it, you might not suffer any harmful effects at all. You might be able to get away with that a couple of times actually. But eventually, those little sprinkles add up to that thimble fulle.

All types of chocolate contain the compounds Theobromine and Caffeine in them. However, not all chocolates were created equal. Different types of chocolate have different levels of these compounds in them.

If we’re going to discuss white chocolate, you need to understand where it stands in relation to the other types of chocolates.
The Poison Chocolate Scale
So, keep in mind that rat poison when considering these types of chocolates. They are all poisonous for your furry friend, it’s just a matter of degree.

This means that regardless of the type of chocolate that she gets in to, and regardless of the amount, you need to be concerned and take actions immediately to determine how to proceed.

So, what is the order of toxicity for your dog when it comes to chocolate? Here you go from most toxic to least:
  •  Cocoa Powder
  •  Unsweetened Baker's Chocolate
  •  Semisweet Chocolate
  •  Dark Chocolate
  •  Milk Chocolate
  •  White Chocolate
If Your Pup Sneaks Even A Little Treat, You Need To Be Concerned
As you can see, the darker, “purer” chocolates have the highest levels of toxicity. This just means that the darker the chocolate, the more Theobromine and Caffeine it has.

White chocolate is still technically "chocolate" in the typical sense. It is made with Cocoa Butter. While it lacks any cocoa solids, it still gets part of its ingredients from the same place.

This means that you still need to worry about feeding Fido that white chocolate just as much as dark chocolate. Although, it will take a much, MUCH larger amount of white chocolate to cause the same issues. 

So, can dogs have white chocolate? No. It is still dangerous to give them any amount of it.

The next question you probably have is “how much chocolate can my dog eat?” This of course depends on a whole range of factors, but we actually answer that in a different article. You can find that here.
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