Can Dogs Die From Eating Chocolate?
Those Holiday Treats May Be Hiding A Killer Surprise For Your Pooch
My boyfriend gave my dog some chocolate chips. I told him that it was bad for her, but he just said that he gives them all the time to his dog. Isn’t chocolate supposed to be deadly for dogs? Why is he able to give his dog chocolate?

Let’s start with the obvious: Your boyfriend needs to stop feeding your dog and even his own IMMEDIATELY. Dogs can really die from eating chocolate.

The truth is, even though it may take a large quantity of chocolate to cause death, even small amounts can result in serious complications.

But let’s address your question: 
Can Dogs Die From Eating Chocolate?
Yes. Pure and simple, dogs can and do die from eating chocolate. 

The compounds that cause the issue are Theobromine and Caffeine. Each of these wreck havoc on a dogs nervous and cardiovascular systems.

But how likely is your dog to die? That largely depends on a combination of factors:

1) What type of chocolate did your dog eat? The darker the chocolate, the less of it is needed to do your pup in. We discuss the different types of chocolate and their comparative toxicity here.

2) How did your dog eat?

3) How much does your dog weigh?
Puppies Are At More Risk From Chocolate Poisoning Than Older Dogs Due To Size Alone
So, How Much Chocolate Is Toxic To Dogs?
When you take into account all three of these factors, it simply becomes a math problem. There is an amount of Theobromine in all chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the more the Theobromine. This means that your dog will need to eat less of the darker chocolates to have the same effect as less dark chocolates.

To give you more specific numbers: Theobromine in amounts of 100-150 milligrams per every kilogram of body-weight your dog has is considered toxic. So, for a 30 kilogram Golden Lab, it would only take 3000 milligrams to potentially be fatal.

Milk Chocolate has very little Theobromine in it, relatively speaking. Therefore, it could potentially take 50-300 chocolate bars to be fatal to dogs of different sizes. That’s a lot of chocolate, and probably not realistic to kill your friend.

However, the darker the chocolate (as we’ve said), the less you need. If you’re talking straight Cocoa powder, one cup of dry, unsweetened Cocoa powder has nearly 1800 milligrams of Theobromine.
The Darker The Chocolate, The More Dangerous It Can Be
In other words, if you find your buddy licking her chops next to an empty cocoa tin, you might need to say your goodbyes quickly if you can’t get her to the vet as soon as possible.

And again, just because your dog has not eaten enough chocolate to be fatal, that does not mean that she won’t have serious complications from eating chocolate. If you suspect that your dog has eaten chocolate, you need to immediately call your vet to figure out what your next steps need to be.
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